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Google Authorships evolved a few years ago, but it has grown in importance as Google continues to connect search results with its products. Such changes include the migration of Google places into Google +, and the transition of Google docs into Google Drive. As we see Google + social signals apparently weighing more heavily in Google search algorithms, I think it is a safe bet to say that Google authorship will grow in importance as both a conversion and ranking factor.

What is Google Authorship?

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As you can see above, this search result has a picture of a man (the author) next to it. These avatars are beginning to pop up more and more in search results pages. Authorship allows content curators to claim their content and build credibility, as well as it allows search engine users to find more content written by the same person. Many industry experts are saying that Google Authorship is the first step towards verifying author identity, and establishing author rank, which is projected to be a major future search algorithm update.

The advantages of Google Authorship…

1. Personalization and Trust: People love to be able to put a name and face with a piece of content. Further, readers realize that an author is not going to put their name next to a piece of spammy, irrelevant information. Thus, authorship helps you build credibility and trust in the SERPs.

2. Build your social following: Having the +1 social signal embedded in the meta description of the search result allows the users to click through to the author’s profile and find out more about them, and the company they work for. A nice marketing strategy when it comes to developing industry credibility and positioning yourself as a thought leader.

3. Higher conversion rates: The avatar allows your webpage to stand out on SERPs, and with the added element of trust and credibility more people are likely to click-through to your website or social properties. Another inbound marketing win!

4. More credible backlinks: With the introduction of Penguin update, Google has clamped down on backlink quality. But, with authorship, instead of receiving domain links, content can now get ‘human’ links. As people link to content, that contents credibility and weight in the search engines increases. It makes sense, if people are linking to content it must be legitimate, from a social standpoint, as just like the authors, readers aren’t going to want to be linked to spammy, thin content.

5. Authorship Analytics: At the end of 2012, Google launched the Authorship Analytics platform which allows users to monitor the number of impressions and click-through rate of their content. This is invaluable from a content marketing, and SEO perspective, as authors are able to test and see which content their readers are digesting the most.

Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, stated that content with a Google + profile attached to it is going to rank better than content that does not have a profile tied to it. As social signals continue to drive search algorithm updates, Google look set to give more weight to content that has natural (human) backlinks. Building SERP rank, and credibility is critical to any brand or content curator. Google Authorship should be a part of any brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Set up your Google authorship markup.

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