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What is Edge Rank

EdgeRank is an algorithm created by Facebook that governs what is displayed on FB, and how high it shows in the news feed.

An Edge is anything that “happens” on Facebook. Ex. comments, likes, shares, status updates. Essentially, an action that occurs on FB is considered an Edge.

EdgeRank ranks Edges in the news feed. The Edges with the highest rank calculation will appear the highest in the news feed.

The EdgeRank algorithm is driven by three main measurement factors:

1. Affinity: the strength of a one-way relationship between a User and an Edge. Affinity is built by repeat interaction/ engagement with an Edge.

2. Weight: the general rule is that the Edges that take the most time to complete tend to have the greatest weighting. Ex. a comment is going to have a greater weight than a Like.

3. Time Decay: this refers to the amount of time the Edge has been alive. The older the Edge the more value it loses. This is FB’s way of keeping the news feed current and live with current UGC. Choose your post time wisely.

In 2007, a FB representative said in an interview that only about 0.2% of eligible stories actually make it into a user’s news feed. That means that your status update is competing with 499 other stories for a single slot in a user’s newsfeed.

Now that you understand how the facebook EdgeRank algorithm works, re-evaluate your social content strategy. Make sure your posts spark engagement, are sent during high volume traffic periods, that it is relevant to your target audience, and that you are responsive to all forms of post engagement.

Learn some new ways to build engagement on your facebook page



Before we start I want to iterate two words: SOCIAL MEDIA.

Like most of the billion people that make up today’s Facebook community, I follow certain brand pages. Yet, it amazes me how many brands fail to recognize the fact that their brand page is SOCIAL. I mean, isn’t it ironic to consider that 95% of Facebook wall posts are not answered by brands?!

Unfortunately, many brands are using Facebook as primarily a self-promotion platform, scattering their page with product links, telling their followers (short term) all about their product or service. This is a big mistake.

Facebook is a powerful tool that can increase leads, build awareness, and facilitate conversions, if handled correctly. I believe that brands should base their social content strategy on the 70/20/10 model. Seventy percent of content should be engaging, 20% should be educational, and the remaining 10% should be reserved for self-promotion. Bottom line, brands need to use Facebook as a tool to listen to, and connect with their audience. After all, the brand extends far beyond that of product positioning or sales strategy. Every brand need to recognize that their is a human element, quite possibly more important that any other brand element when it comes to the long term sustainability of a business’ bottom line.

Why? Because it is the social – or human – element of a brand that ultimately builds connection, and it is this connection that fosters loyalty, which my friends, is the key ingredient to growing life time customer value.

The reasoning is simple, we all like to be heard, and we all like to know that our feedback, or opinion, is valued. Social channels allow brands to listen to their consumers.

Social channels are engagement channels. Here are some examples of how you can engage with your customers, build a connection, grow a community, and create a brand image that has a loyal following:

+ Be responsive to customers. Golden Rule: show you are listening by responding within 24hrs.

+ Poll your audience for fun, or research

+ Humorous jokes and images – Photoshop is gold here, take at look at Grubhub and Seamless FB pages

+ Ask your audience to fill in the caption on a photo

+ Word association games can be fun – when I say “………”, you say “_________” ?

+ Create and post events

+ Facilitate User-generated content (UGC). For example, ask members to post photos/ content to your wall

+ Always recognize competition winners

+ Post photos of employees so they can meet the team ( really personalize the brand)

+ Post case studies and testimonials

+ Provide product or service tips that provide value and are related to the benefit your business offers

+ Ask poll questions and publish the results

These are just some ideas. But you get the picture. The word of the day here is engagement. This should be the primary goal. Brands need to provide a platform by which they exude a persona, because without it you will not be able to build a relationship with your customers, and without that relationship it is hard to build loyalty, and without loyalty, lets face it, customers are going elsewhere, in a hurry!

Let me know your thoughts?