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What is Edge Rank

EdgeRank is an algorithm created by Facebook that governs what is displayed on FB, and how high it shows in the news feed.

An Edge is anything that “happens” on Facebook. Ex. comments, likes, shares, status updates. Essentially, an action that occurs on FB is considered an Edge.

EdgeRank ranks Edges in the news feed. The Edges with the highest rank calculation will appear the highest in the news feed.

The EdgeRank algorithm is driven by three main measurement factors:

1. Affinity: the strength of a one-way relationship between a User and an Edge. Affinity is built by repeat interaction/ engagement with an Edge.

2. Weight: the general rule is that the Edges that take the most time to complete tend to have the greatest weighting. Ex. a comment is going to have a greater weight than a Like.

3. Time Decay: this refers to the amount of time the Edge has been alive. The older the Edge the more value it loses. This is FB’s way of keeping the news feed current and live with current UGC. Choose your post time wisely.

In 2007, a FB representative said in an interview that only about 0.2% of eligible stories actually make it into a user’s news feed. That means that your status update is competing with 499 other stories for a single slot in a user’s newsfeed.

Now that you understand how the facebook EdgeRank algorithm works, re-evaluate your social content strategy. Make sure your posts spark engagement, are sent during high volume traffic periods, that it is relevant to your target audience, and that you are responsive to all forms of post engagement.

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