No matter whether you are a product or a service business, you need to be using landing pages in order to build conversions.

Many business owners think that their homepage is their landing page. This is a critical error, and completely undermines the purpose of landing pages: conversions. For example, imagine if you are sending qualified leads to your homepage to convert (buy your product), they will land there and have no means by which to satisfy their need (purchase), and will likely bounce off your page.

Landing pages are built with the sole objective of converting those people that land on them. This conversion could be signing up for an email, registering for a contest, entering a draw, or purchasing a product. But, the main takeaway here is that landing pages should be optimized for a specific target audience. Your marketing efforts will hopefully drive qualified leads to these pages, where they will eventually convert.

In order to create an effecting landing page, you need solid structure. Here are the main ingredients you will need to build an effective landing page and generate more conversions:

1. Main Headline

  • Top of the page
  • Compelling. E.g State Farm Insurance – “See why 40 million drivers trust us”
  • Sole purpose is to capture interest and get people reading more

2. Related sub-heading

  • This should support and further explain the promise/ message in your main header
  • It should get people to keep looking
  • Keep it short and sweet. A couple sentences is usually enough to maintain interest.

3. Differentiation

  • Provide a bulleted list of attributes/ features that make your product/service better than the competition
  • Outline how your solution solves the reader’s problem

4. Visual Testament

  • Embed a photo or video that shows real-life customers benefiting from your offering
  • Distill comfort in the fact that your product will solve their problem

5. Call-to-Action

  • This is most critical element of the landing page
  • Be clear and concise
  • Display the CTA prominently (above the fold)
  • Make it clear what the person is signing up for

6. Testimony

  • At the bottom of the page include actual client testimony (include profile image), or a list of current clients to build credibility


Always make sure the content you are including on your landing pages is relevant to the anchor text and search queries linking to them. In other words, make sure the content and purpose of the page is mapped directly to the keywords linking to them. This way, you will be delivering targeted traffic to your pages, increase your chances of converting, and reduce those nasty unwanted bounce rates.

Also, check out Unbounce’s 7 elements of a winning landing page for a template landing page design and further best practices.

Let me know you thoughts????


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